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FFour’s portfolio of services includes a set of high quality, and well researched training programs that are designed to allow participants to fully understand and immediately apply the underlying concepts to meet critical objectives. All of our trainings are cased-based and practical meaning participants work alone or in groups on computers to solve particular problems that are often encountered in the practice of data analysis and visualization...

About Us

Vision: To provide the highest quality data analytics training programs throughout Sub-Saharan Africa
Mission: To be the preferred provider of data analytics training in Sub-Saharan Africa
Overview: FFour Ltd (hereafter F4) is a Nairobi-based consultancy that provides clients with a collection data analytics training programs. Our main goal at F4 is working with teams within organizations to enhance their capacity.

Blog: Analytics Tales

This is an open space where we discuss current and emerging issues in the dynamic and fascinating world of data analysis. The importance of data-driven decisions has resulted in a tremendous explosion of new tools and techniques for drawing insights from data. This growth means that there are plenty of interesting situations that present themselves to data analysts all over the world. Do you have any analytics tales you’d like to share, well we would love to read about them so feel free to post or sign up to our newsletter here and we promise keep you posted on the latest developments.


FFour is a training company first and foremost and this is because we believe building human capacity in data analytics is a vital undertaking for emerging markets such as those in East Africa. Our millennium development goals can be fulfilled if we take advantage of the information around us to make smart decisions for the future and learning, precedes most smart decisions. As a company, we are engaged in research and development on a daily basis not only to improve our trainings but also to find solutions to real-life problems using the very tools we train on. On our projects page we highlight activities, both completed and ongoing...